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SWMCOL is dedicated to doing its part in helping the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to implement modern waste management practices.


SWMCOL offers a variety of services and technologies that meet the needs of customers in the areas of waste management and environmental protection.


Over the last 30 years SWMCOL has enjoyed numerous successes in improving waste management practices in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Technical Services
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 13:20
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SWMCOL wastewater services are dedicated to managing the refurbishment of sewer systems and to undertaking repair works.  Included in the scope of works are plumbing, mechanical and electrical works; sampling, testing and analysis of wastewater; daily plant operations and monitoring, and emergency response. Clients range from schools, the government sector and commercial / industrial institutions.



SWMCOL has been in the business of Waste Management since November of 1980. During this period it has developed significant capability and experience and has a cadre of experts on its staff.

Part of its portfolio is to provide consultancy services to Government agencies and the private sector in the area of Waste Management and its affiliated fields.

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